Sylvan Ravinet

Sylvan Ravinet

With over 20 years navigating the digital space, Sylvan stands out as a pioneering leader in cybersecurity and digital transformation. He started as an engineer in a startup in Finland, evolving through to director roles at leading organizations like KPMG, Wipro, and BlueVoyant.

Sylvan’s approach?

Empower stakeholders, streamline digital and cyber initiatives from strategy to operations, backed by science, innovations and open-source. While he thinks top-down and champions teamwork, he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves — yes, he codes.

This balance of strategic insight and hands-on operational acumen has led him to spearhead the cyber strategy for a 100,000+ strong employee group and manage pivotal cybersecurity programs for leading banks.

Beyond the boardrooms and github, Sylvan is the founder of @CaptainCyber SaaS, editor of the newsletter, and an influential figure on LinkedIn with 11k followers. As a sought-after speaker, trainer, and guiding voice in non-profits, Sylvan is committed to not only enhancing business value with cyber but also championing the common good. Whether in a corporate board meeting or on the shop floor of a manufacturing plant, Sylvan’s insights and actions resonate and inspire.

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