9:45 am

⚡ PowerUp Red Teams Ops with RedELK ⚡

With Lorenzo Bernardi, Marc Smeets
From the core developers of RedELK comes this 3 hour workshop that will help you to become more in control of your red team operations....
165 min
2:00 pm

AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity: Enemy of Ally?

With Eric Vedel
Exploring the capabilities and limitations of AI and machine learning in enhancing cybersecurity efforts Thanks to the marvels of artificial intelligence, machine learning, large language...
2:00 pm

M9sweeper Certification Training Session

With Jacob Beasley
M9sweeper is the only truly open source kubernetes security platform. It aggregates kubernetes security tools covering domains such as image scanning, cluster scanning, policy management,...
90 min
4:00 pm

Deep dive into malware analysis from initial infection to remediation

With Cyrille Vignon, Sylvio Hoarau
This workshop aims at showing an in-depth analysis of Underground and Industrial Spy ransomware. Lean on similarities levered by our tools, through live reverse of...
11:00 am

Maldev Workshop: Create and Reverse Engineer a C++ Implant Using Microsoft Teams Chat as C2

With Randy Pargman
Fun with C2 As a Threat Hunter, I often think about what sort of stealthy threats would be most difficult to detect, and then experiment...
90 min
2:00 pm

eBPFShield: Advanced IP-Intelligence & DNS Monitoring using eBPF

With Sagar Bhure
eBPFShield avoids costly context switches & offers efficient detection & prevention of malicious behavior on your network through monitoring of outbound connections and comparison with...
90 min
2:00 pm

Identify and exploit a vulnerability by injecting SQL code

With Anthony Baube
You would like to find out how cybercriminals recover the contents of a database or take control of a web server? In this workshop, we’ll...