The Power of Simple Cyber: You have the Cyber Mojo. But do you have the Power of Simple Cyber?

During in minutes 45 min
Start 11:00 am
address 28 avenue George V 75008 Paris

As the cybersecurity challenges intensify each year, the call for cyber experts echoes louder. Reports from ISC2 repeatedly indicate a widening demand for professionals who can still deepen their niche expertise (vertical). Yet, for tangible societal impact, merely ramping up complexity (and adding up experts) isn’t the panacea.

We’ll unravel instances where the intricate maze of cybersecurity backfires – becoming too esoteric, overly top-down, burdened by compliance, or simply too overwhelming for its own good. While technological advancements (AI, quantum) offer a solution, a paradigm shift is imminent: engaging non-experts. To make them co-produce cybersecurity. Tapping into the collective power of the masses does not skyrocket costs. Cyber experts can also broaden their overall know-how (horizontal) for better integration of their initiatives.

Step into the realm of Simple Cybersecurity. Witness the ramifications when it’s absent, understand its potential pitfalls, and, more importantly, experience its profound impact when implemented rightly. Widen your impact.