Hack in Paris 2013 – Archives June 17th - 21st, 2013


Jun, 20

09:15 BYOD – The Privacy and Compliance Risks from Bringing Your Own Mobile Device to Work 
10:00 Remoting android applications for fun and profit with Damien Cauquil and Pierre Jaury
11:00 The Control of technology by nation state : Past, Present and Future – The Case of Cryptology and information security with Eric Filiol
11:45 Windows Phone 8 application security  with Dmitriy Evdokimov and Andrey Chasovskikh
14:00 Analysis of a Windows Kernel vulnerability : from espionage to criminal use  with Julia Wolf
14:45 The Security of MDM (Mobile Device Management) systems  with Sebastien Andrivet
15:45 Burp Pro : Real-life tips and tricks  with Nicolas Grégoire
16:30 I’m in your browser, pwning your stuff – Attacking Google Chrome extensions with Krzysztof Kotowicz

Jun, 21

09:15 Are we getting better? – Hacking Todays Technology with Dave Kennedy
10:00 Origin policy enforcement in modern browsers with Frederik Braun
11:00 Malware vs Virtualization : The endless cat and mouse play  with Aurélien Wailly
11:45 Web Applications Forensics  with Jens Müller
14:00 Next generation rootkits for ARM based devices  with Thomas Roth
14:45 DBI Frameworks applied to computer security : Uses and comparative  with Ricardo Rodriguez
15:45 The inner HTML Apocalypse : How MXSS attacks change everything we believed to know so far with Mario Heiderich
16:30 The Realex payments application security story, narrated by Security Ninja with David Rook


Training 1: Finding vulnerabilities in SCADA/HMI software
Training 2: RFID
Training 3: Hacking IPV6 Networks (version 2.0)
Training 4: Building Secure Applications
Training 5: Reverse Engineering in Win32 apps : How to protect yourself in -the-wild
Training 7: Hardware Hacking for Software Pentester
Training 8: Corelan Livewith Peter Van Eeckhoutte
Training 9: Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools Trainingwith Frédéric Baguelin
Training 6: Hacking RFID