Hack in Paris 2011 – Archives June 16th - 17th, 2011


Jun, 16
09:30 Cyberwar-4G aka The Coming Smart Phone Wars  
11:00 Locking the Throne Room – ECMA Script 5, a frozen DOM and the eradication of XSS  with Mario Heiderich
13:30 Be a smart CISO: learn about people  with Bruno Kerouanton
14:30 “Project Quebec” and win32 exploit development with pvefindaddr  with Peter Van Eeckhoutte
16:00 Offensive XSLT  with Nicolas Grégoire
17:00 Agnitio: the security code review Swiss army knife  with David Rook

Jun, 17
09:30 Pentesting iPhone & iPad Applications with Flora Bottaccio and Sebastien Andrivet
11:00 Skirack: ROP for masses  with Jean-Baptiste Aviat
13:30 The forbidden image – Security impact of SVG on the WWW  with Mario Heiderich
14:30 A close look at rogue antivirus programs  with Alain Zidouemba
16:00 Proactive Network Security through Vulnerability Management  with Gary S. Miliefsky
17:00 Escaping Windows Sandboxes  with Tom Keetch


Training Track 1: Hacking IPv6 networks
Training Track 2: Win32 Exploit Development