Hack in Paris 2022 – Archives : June 27th - July 1st, 2022


Jun, 30
09:00 Welcoming speechwith Winn Schwartau
09:15 Offensive Hunting – Using Blue Team techniques in Red Team opswith Marc Smeets and Mark Bergman
10:00 Biohacker: The Invisible Threatwith Len Noe
11:25 NetflOSINT: taking an often-overlooked data source and operationalizing itwith Joe Gray
12:10 Data Loss Prevention and Azure Information Protection deep dive – how really secure we are?with Mike Jankowski-Lorek
14:25 “I know what your ‘Microsoft Mainframe’ did last summer!..” HacKtive Directory Forensicswith Yossi Sassi
15:10 PINATA: PIN Automatic Try Attackwith Salvador Mendoza
16:30 Why React applications get hacked in the real-worldwith Liran Tal
17:15 If Descartes Applied Counter Deception in Cyberspace: Meditationes de Prima Philosophiawith Gregory Carpenter
18:00 Evening party


Jul, 01
09:00 Introduction Day 2with Winn Schwartau
09:05 Strong Story to Tell: Top 10 Mistakes by Administrators about Remote Workwith Paula Januszkiewicz
09:50 Exploiting Volatile Memory Analysis Challenges for Fun & Profitwith Solomon Sonya
11:05 OPSEC – The Discipline of the Grey Manwith Robert Sell
11:50 Weaponizing Rsync 0Day Vulnerabilitywith Ege Balcı and Taha Hamad
14:00 “Down the Rabbit Hole: A journey towards a weakness in Chrome & a new hacking technique”with Gil Cohen
14:45 Maintaining Reliable systems: How to minimize Incident impact? Zoom in on incident management and postmortems.with Ayelet Sachto
16:00 Cyber experts trapped: 5 misconceptions. How to expand your mind to thrive, without mushrooms or yogawith Sylvan Ravinet
16:45 Countdown to Y2Q – Quantum Readiness for Enterprisewith Mark Carney
17:30 Closing speechwith Winn Schwartau


Jun, 27
Advanced Red Teaming: Weaponization & Adversary Simulationwith Amr Thabet
Hacking Android, iOS and IoT apps by Examplewith Abraham Aranguren
Physical Pentesting 2022with Alexandre Triffault
RF hacking of gate openers & rolling codeswith Djamil Elaidi

Jun, 28
Advanced Malware Huntingwith Paula Januszkiewicz
Cloud Security Masterclass: Defender’s Guide to Securing Public Cloud Infrastructurewith Abhinav Singh