Hack in Paris 2021 – Archives November 15th - 19th, 2021


Nov, 18

09:00 Holding The Stick at Both Ends: Fuzzing RDP Client and Serverwith Shaked Reiner and Or Ben-Porath
10:00 Monsters in the enterprise dungeon – finding and fixing severe 0-day vulnerabilitieswith Egor Dimitrenko and Mikhail Klyuchnikov
11:00 Steganography and malware from scratchwith Juan Araya
12:00 Is it really an intrusion if you get called in?: Mis-configuration based attacks in AWSwith Kavisha Sheth
14:00 Unlimited Sherlock: Deep-Dive into Forensics Operations to Track Down Hackers
17:00 {Internet of Things or Threats}: Anatomizing the Structure of IoT Botnetswith Aditya K Sood


Nov, 19 

09:00 “Easy” mobile penetration testing with Bridawith Federico Dotta and Piergiovanni Cipolloni
10:00 Fuzzing Apache HTTP Server for fun (and CVEs)with Antonio Morales
11:00 Hey EDR you’ll never see me!with Jameel Nabbo
12:00 All Roads Lead to OpenVPN: Pwn’ing Industrial Remote Access Clientswith Sharon Brizinov
14:00 Dissecting PDF Files to Malware Analysiswith Filipi Pires
15:00 Cannibal Hacking, from zero the hero to hammer smashed hostwith Kevin Denis
16:00 Software Incident Preparedness – An Emergency Medical Response Perspectivewith Jake Byman


Nov, 15
Advanced Web Hacking (3 days)with NotSoSecure – Dhruv Shah
Hacking and securing Bluetooth Low Energy and RFID/NFC devices (3 days)with Slawomir Jasek
Hacking and Securing Cloud Infrastructure (3 days)with NotSoSecure – Martin CERNAC
Hacking Enterprises – 2021 Edition (3 days)with Will Hunt and Owen Shearing
Hands-on Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering Training (3 days)
Physical Pentesting: Practical Course (3 days)