Hack in Paris 2018 – Archives June 25th - 29th, 2018


Jun, 28

09:30 Drones the new weapon of choice – also for hackers  with Dominique C. Brack
10:15 Building Systems On Shaky Grounds 10 Tactics To Manage The Modern Supply Chain  with Robert Wood
11:25 Silent wire hacking  with Erwan Broquaire and Pierre-Yves Tanniou
12:10 Auditd for the Masses  with Philipp Krenn
14:15 From printed circuit boards to exploits: pwning IoT devices like a boss  with Damien Cauquil
15:00 Mobile operators vs. Hackers new security measures for new bypassing techniques  with Sergey Puzankov
16:10 Invoke-DOSfuscation: Techniques FOR %F IN (-style) DO (S-level CMD Obfuscation)  
16:55 DEBATE – To Serve Man AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Security with Winn Schwartau, Michael Masucci and Gregory Carpenter


Jun, 29

09:00 The Insecure Software Development Lifecycle How to find, fix, and manage deficiencies within an existing methodology  with April Wright
09:45 Knockin’ on IPv6’s doors  with Fernando Gont
10:55 The Bicho An Advanced Car Backdoor Maker  with Sheila Berta and Claudio Caracciolo
11:40 The Past, Present & Future of Enterprise Security the ‘Golden Age’ of Attack Automation  with Marcello Salvati
13:45 Hunting PBX for Vulnerabilities  with Sachin Wagh and Himanshu Mehta
14:30 No Win32_Process Needed Expanding the WMI Lateral Movement Arsenal  
15:40 How To Bring HID Attacks To The Next Level  
16:25 NFC Payments The Art of Relay & Replay Attacks  


Jun, 25

Infrastructure Security Assessmentwith Abhisek Datta and Omair
Hacking IPv6 Networks v4.0 
Practical IoT Hackingwith Aseem Jakhar
Hacking and Securing Windows Infrastructure 
“Smart lockpicking” – hands on exploiting flaws in IoT devices based on electronic locks and access control systemswith Slawomir Jasek
Practical Industrial Control System (ICS) Hackingwith Arun Mane
Pentesting Industrial Control Systemswith Arnaud Soullié
CCISOwith Jeroen van der Vlies
Corelan live bootcampwith Peter Van Eeckhoutte

Jun, 26
Windows Post-Exploitation Subverting the Core
Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitationwith Dawid Czagan

Jun, 25
Reverse Code Engineering in Win32 apps protecting yourself in-the-wildwith Ricardo Rodriguez