Hack in Paris 2014 – Archives June 23rd - 27th, 2014


Jun, 26
09:30 KEY NOTE n°1 : Beyond Information Ware : Hacking the Future of Security  
10:15 Digital Energy – BPT with Paul Coggin
11:30 Breaking through the bottleneck: Mobile malware is outbreak spreading like wildfire.  with Thomas Wang
12:15 Fuzzing, reversing and Maths  with Josep Pi Rodriguez and Pedro Guillén Núñez
14:30 Pentesting NoSQL DB’s with NoSQL Exploitation Framework  with Francis Alexander
14:45 Biting into the forbidden fruit. Lessons from trusting JavaScript crypto  with Krzysztof Kotowicz
16:00 Setup for Failure: Defeating UEFI/Win8 SecureBoot  with John Butterworth
16:45 ARM AArch64: Writing exploits for the new ARM architecture with Thomas Roth

Jun, 27
09:00 KEY NOTE n°2: Around the world in 80 Cons! with Jayson E. Street
09:45 JSMVCOMFG: To sternly look at JavaScript MVC and Templating Frameworks  with Mario Heiderich
11:00 Extreme forensics Reloaded 2Q /2014  with Alvaro Alexander Soto
11:45 C++11 metaprogramming technics applied to software obfuscation  with Sebastien Andrivet
13:30 Plunder, Pillage and Print: The art of leverage multifunction printers during penetration testing  with Deral Heiland and Peter Arzamendi
14:15 Energy Fraud and Orchestrated Blackouts: Issues with Wireless Metering Protocols (wM-Bus)  with Cyrill Brunschwiler
15:30 Splinter the RAT Attack: Create Your Own Botnet to Exploit the Network  
16:45 DEBATE – GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE : SECURITY VS. PRIVACY? with Dave Kennedy, Annie Machon, Eric Freyssinet and Hans Van De Looy


Advances Android & iOS hands-on exploitationwith Nicolas Grégoire
Advances Burp Pro, 100% hands-onwith Nicolas Grégoire
Corelan live bootcampwith Peter Van Eeckhoutte
Enterprise business application security: attack and defensewith Alexander Polyakov
Hack it like a boss: hands-on weaponized hackingwith Valerie Thomas and Tim Lawton
Mobile application: scan, attack and exploitwith Hemil Shah
Offensive HTML, SVG, CSS and browser evilwith Mario Heiderich
Physical penetration testing
Responding to BIOS/SMM attackswith John Butterworth
RFID/NFC workshop for fun (and profit ?)with Nahuel Grisola